Babe Rainbow


Saturday 18 November 2023

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Babe Rainbow are back from two U.S tours already in 2023

Waveriders BABE RAINBOW pull up with a new natural medicine for a good mood in the latest ep called “MUSHROOM” and the crowds FREAKING LOVVVE IT!
“Recorded at our next-door neighbor Chris Collins dojo, we actually wrote these songs super quick which was a groovy process to try out. Just rolling with the flow of wherever the songs wanted to go naturally and Chris was pretty awesome at tapping into that and keeping the vibe alive” …Babe Rainbow.
Babe Rainbow are back from two US tours already in 2023, sold-out headline shows in New York and Los Angeles, festival slots alongside Sheryl Crow, ongoing love from KCRW and their college radio cohorts.
Opening for all shows will be music and surf adventurist Alex Knost and his latest band seventies tuberide.


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